I am Doobry_bc1pleased to announce the beta release of, which is a joint venture between Paul Wicks, Lee Mansfield and Darren Stevenson.

Doobry is a free system to create any type of document ranging from: proposals, presentations, manuals, pitches, processes, specifications and even shopping lists……the list, ahem, is endless!

All you need is any device that has a browser and an internet connection.

This is an agile UX project that utilises a responsive design using Twitters Bootstrap3 template and makes use of Amazon’s AWS scalable cloud.

Coupled with a hybrid mix of open source software and free tier services from providers such as Docker, New Relic, Loggly, MailChimp, you can create something scaleable and secure on a small budget.

We are in beta mode at the moment and have a very simple template to start with, but we are looking for people to use the system and feedback so we can add features that people really want.

If you have a document template or a layout that you would like to see on the system, please let us know



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