New Top Level Domain names – Do we really need them?

Top level domain names will shortly be available to people as ICANN starts the staggered process of releasing domains such as .sport, .shop or .education.

Originally there were only 22 generic top level domains, but ICANN have decided to open this up to a possible 1,400 new TLD’s.

Apparently by opening the domain name space, it will provide companies and organisations greater opportunities and new ways of communicating with their audience.

I did not realise that by simply having a different suffice at the end of your existing website, will completely transform the way that it works?

ICANN is not independent and is heavily skewed with an American bias and does not operate in the interests of every country worldwide. They will make a lot for ICANN and domain registrars selling new TLD’s and provide cyber squatters further opportunities to benefit from others existing brand and web presence.

The roll out might help a few new start-ups looking for a decent domain name that has not already been snapped up, but at the end of the day, everyone is always looking for a domain name ending in a dot com.


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