At IT Rubric Solutions we endevor to ensure that our website and its information is accessible to people of all abilities and disabilities.

We use Bootstrap and a responsive design, which ensures that our website information is displayed correctly depending on the size of the screen and resolution of of PC or mobile device.

We carry out periodic reviews of our site to ensure that it is accessible to everyone. However, if you come across an issue or problem, please let us know by contacting our
customer service department at

There are numerous screen readers available for all operating systems whether they are Mac, Linux or Windows based. A comprehensive list of all screen readers which are either
free or paid for can be found here:

Apple’s iOS operating system includes a number of features that makes it easier for users with visual, auditory or other physical disabilities to use the iPad or iPhone.

These features consist of the following: Voiceover, Zoom, White on Black, Mono Audio and Speak Auto-text. A full break down of how to configure these features can be found
at the following web url:

Other links that users might find useful are as follows: web-accessibility.shtml

Lynx Viewer:


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