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A Few Words About Us

OtherProjectsRubric Solutions enables small medium sized enterprises further envelope themselves in a digital world

IT Rubric Solutions was formed in 2006 to help small and medium sized businesses embrace the power and flexibility that open source software provides.

SMB’s need cost effective tools that allow scalability and fast reaction times to clients requirements and a fast moving market.We help companies maximise the happiness and productivity of their employees, by providing web based applications and solutions.

With our broad knowledge of all techologies and future trends, we are able to provide our clients with a clear road map of what changes and potential pitfalls lay ahead. This enables our clients to be pro-active in their approach to how IT can work in partnership with their business processes and management changes.

With the uptake of smart phones and the rapid increase in of user interaction via mobile applications, IT Rubric Solutions has implemented mobile strategies that are appropriate for businesses and its user base. Creating a web and mobile strategy that compliment each other, we have created a number of web, hybrid and native mobile systems.

Many small companies have become increasingly worried about the security of their workplace, networks and data systems and the costs involved. IT Rubric Solutions has helped a large number of small companies define a company security policy and implement a number of cost effective preventitive measures.

What We Offer


We are a design and build consultancy that will hold your hand through the entire process.
To ensure that your project is on time and budget, we will work with you ensuring that all functions and processes of your project are analysed. We will create a clear requirements and technical specification, ensuring that your project meets your expectations.


We are an independent consultancy so our recommendations are always made based upon what is best for our clients .
With over 15 years experience working with open source software and proprietary software, we have developed and integrated with numerous systems, offering a cost effective hybrid systems.


Working in the digital sphere since the beginning, we have a large network of freelancers and associates .
If there is a project or area of expertise that we are not able to help our clients with, chances are that we know someone that does. We are able to give recommendations and referrals to clients, knowing that they will be well looked after.

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